Semi-Trailer Repairs

Our Edmonton facility consists of 11,000 square feet and is situated on three acres of land, so there’s plenty of room to maneuver your semi-trailer or commercial automobile. Plus, you can contact us anytime for a free price quote or estimate on any job you’d like us to do. We also offer emergency roadside commercial assistance.

Contact us today for your semi-trailer or commercial vehicle needs.

We specialize in commercial vehicle inspections and repairs.

Our All-in-One Headquarters Saves You Money

By having all of our business operations at one location, we can ensure a high level of quality control and leverage all of our resources and material. This results in lower costs for us to do our work, which means that you save money.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We are committed to ensuring that you are pleased with your final product and if you are not, we will make corrections to ensure your satisfaction.

There’s no one else in Edmonton that can match our quality, price, well-trained staff, commitment or experience.

The Yellowhead Group

is a multi-divisional business, all operating at the same location. Our organization is locally owned and committed to providing quality solutions to clients for:


Semi-Trailer Repairs

Commercial Vehicle Preparation and Coatings

Painting and Sand Blasting

Commercial Vehicle Shuttle Services Anywhere in Canada

You Can Trust Us to Help Your Business Prosper

The mission of the YELLOWHEAD Group is to help you maximize your business opportunities. We do this by delivering quality and affordable solutions for your vehicle needs. We view our business relationships as multi-faceted committed partnerships between our customers, our employees and our suppliers. Our promise to you is that we will ensure all business transactions are conducted in a professional manner and that all parties are treated with respect.

Trailer Repair

YELLOWHEAD Trailer Repair and Service Ltd. is pleased to offer the following services:

  • General Commercial Trailer Repair
  • Authorized Commercial Vehicle Inspection for Alberta Transportation
  • Frame Straightening
  • Laser Alignment Systems
  • Extra Long Service Bays for Larger Trailers
  • Full Welding Repair and Fabrication
  • Comprehensive Electrical Diagnostics
  • ABS/Air Supply Diagnostics
  • Full Suspension and Axle Servicing
  • Ship Container and Chassis Servicing
  • Pick-Up and Delivery of Empty Trailers with Hydraulic 5th Wheels

Yellowhead Corrosion and Coatings

Our team of skilled employees is fully experienced in all application techniques, and is committed to ensuring that the coatings are flawless.

  • Pipes
  • Vessels
  • Concrete
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Shutdowns
  • Oilfield and Process Equipment
  • Secondary Containment Membranes
  • Shop, Yard or Full On-Site Servicing
  • Portable Service Units for On-Site Preparation and Coating Applications
  • Mobile Sandblast Units with Multiple Operator Capabilities
  • Alternative Blast Media Selections
  • In-House Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs
  • In-House Inspections
  • Representation of All Coating Manufacturer’s Proper Application Procedures
  • Preferred Application Status
  • RT Crane Service

Drive-Away Service

We’ll Shuttle Your Trucks Locally and Throughout Canada

YELLOWHEAD Drive Away Service Inc. provides quality vehicle shuttle and delivery service for most types of commercial, rubber-tired vehicles and equipment anywhere in Canada. Essentially, we connect our small truck behind your vehicle and drive your vehicle to where you need it when you do not have the resources to do so yourself.

Our drivers are all professionals who are certified Class 1 and Class 3 with air operators, with many years of experience in the transportation industry. They have encountered most all weather and driving conditions imaginable, and will ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle.

YELLOWHEAD Drive Away Service Inc. is pleased to offer:

  • Courteous and Reliable Operators
  • Experienced Class 1 and Class 3 Operators
  • Flexible Hours
  • Immediate Invoices on All Moves
  • Monthly Electronic Summary Statements (environmentally friendly)
  • Deliveries Anywhere in Canada and the United States
  • Universal Attachments to Most Tractor Applications including Rockinger Hitches
  • Dealer Transfers
  • Trailer Spotting within Edmonton

In addition, we supply the dealers’ plates for the shuttle, and carry $5,000,000 of insurance which covers liability, garage and automobile.